Lullabies for the Dead

by Dreamchild

Lullabies for the Dead follows its own inner dream logic, moving musically through time, history and morbid fables of mortality. Heard as an entire musical work, Lullabies for the Dead will mesmerize you with its ethereal nightmares and fever dreams.     

The central theme of songs sung for and to the dead and dying subtly weaves its way through the entire CD, moving through melancholy remembrances & murderous malice to doleful dirges & poignant laments.

Join Dreamchild in examining the fates of a pair of very different decapitated heads (those of Orpheus and of Iokannan, or John the Baptist) in La Tête d'Orphée, Salome, and Herodias Piercing; visit the fabled tomb of Arthur and his knights in Avalon, frozen in waiting for their hour of need, or the dying wood haunted by the enthralled and doomed knight in Keat's La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Or, if you prefer, brave the lair of the seductive yet deadly Medusa. Hear Frida Kahlo awakening to the embrace of her skeleton lover in Una Escultura de Huesos, and celebrate her passing in RJ Stewart's Tango for Frida. At last, ascending through the darkness, absolution comes in the form of the delicate lament, Lullaby for the Dead, to finally reach the redemptive requiem of Salve - though Custom Fails and those who search for The Fountain of Life will die, made mad with a yearning thirst that can never be quenched.

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