La Fée Verte

by Dreamchild

Absinthe-tinged reveries, in an ethereal, greenish-gold glow...

Having heard an a capella fae voice, luring Yeat's Stolen Child away, we are prepared for the Green Fairy in all of her decadent seductiveness in the title track. Nimue protests that Merlin sought her (not the other way around), while the Leanan-Sidhe is the ultimate muse, drawing Keats and Shelley to her, though that lure is a fatal one.

We have the eerie and increasingly out-of-control jangle of Pandora's Music Box, the haunted (and haunting) love song, Your Eyes, and a fugue based on a familiar snippet that appends a Beatles' song. These are followed by Njinksky's descent into inevitable madness, Anne Boleyn's final May, which is so green...and all this leads to a romance with the darkness of The Night.

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