Perhaps, with your brain somewhat addled by the intensity of the sun, you find you have a desire to experience other places and times? Well, you could decadently sip absinthe at a Parisian café with Wilde, Van Gogh and Verlaine.  Instead, you might choose to observe the dangerous allure of the femme fatale through time:  a dangerous dame in a noir world; Dante Gabriel Rossetti's obsession and muse, Jane Morris; a wronged and vengeful Edwardian beauty, or the embodiment of painter Thomas Cooper Gotch's mythic Death the Bride. Or, you could have a vision of the embittered Heathcliff, forever haunted by a relentlessly cold, yet still beloved, spectral revenant on the English moors. To experience all of this, you need only to view Dreamchild's 'mini-films', directed by the remarkable Cheryl Fair of Cheryl Fair Photography.

Catherine's Haunts

Femme Fatale

L'Heure Verte